In today's fast-moving global economy, it is more important than ever to deliver world-class solutions that quickly and efficiently connect your customers and clients with the right people and the most accurate information available within your organization. AmeriCall Answering Services delivers.

Voicemail Unified Messaging Automated Customer Service

With AmeriCall's superior IVR technology, we combine our team of highly-trained and knowledgeable Call Center Agents and operators with the latest advances in hardware, telephone equipment, and software and database applications to provide your business with the competitive edge it needs.

With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) from AmeriCall, you can:

• Receive "live" messages broadcast directly from the IVR system
• Have messages routed to different voice mailboxes based upon fully customizable criteria
• Completely automate outbound computer-generated calls, saving time and money
• Automate opt-out features using Caller I.D. recognition
• Access advanced inbound and outbound call reporting
• Transfer calls remotely using touch tone access
• Customize a variety of on-hold, transfer options, and menus
• Reduce employee costs by automating routine inbound and outbound calling tasks
• Automate outbound calling processes for post-sales support, cross-selling, up-selling, marketing surveys, and much more using an integrated predictive dialer system
• And much, much more!

Our IVR solutions are backed by an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee and our operations center is managed by one of the industry's top administrative teams.

So you know you're making the right choice when it comes to using AmeriCall's IVR infrastructure to increase customer satisfaction and streamline your company's operations.

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