While customer service is vital in every industry, it is especially important in the insurance field. As customers become ever-more confused with the changes in healthcare law and other types of reform, customer service will continue to take a prominent role in the delivery of insurance services to the public.

However, handling the flood of questions and concerns related to the Affordable Care Act, existing coverage, and other changes in healthcare policy is no easy task. Thankfully, insurance companies can turn to customer service support options, like call centers, to focus customer service efforts and provide clients with a useful resource where they can get answers to their questions and find the information they seek.

How Important is Customer Satisfaction?

Recent research into customer satisfaction levels confirms something that most business owners have always known: the level of satisfaction of customers is directly related to the success of a business. When customers are happy, they are loyal and return again and again to a business. When they are dissatisfied, they begin to look elsewhere for those who can meet their needs.

In fact, according to Kaiser Health News, a number of health insurance companies are facing backlash from frustrated customers—via social media platforms—thanks to “long waits for service and an inability to confirm coverage.” In the insurance industry, recent changes in the law have generated a large number of questions that cannot all be answered through websites or literature. People want to know how the changes in healthcare law are going to affect them. To these customers, finding the answers to these questions and feeling that they can trust their insurance companies are paramount concerns.

Do Call Centers Increase Customer Satisfaction?

The idea of having a call center has been the topic of some unjustified negative publicity in the past few years. Many people hear the words “call center” and immediately think of an impersonal organization that simply funnels customers to endless loops of elevator music, placing them on hold until they hang up in frustration. However, a truly functional call center in no way meets this definition.

A recent article in Forbes stated that The Hartford, one of the nation’s oldest insurance companies, recently received top marks for customer service. The article notes that The Hartford was rated especially high (generated top marks, in fact) based on its call center representatives. Call centers with well-trained representatives may give customers a higher level of satisfaction than other methods.

A call center can help insurance companies handle the influx of questions and concerns about the new healthcare law as well as other queries. Having well-trained call center representatives can mean the difference in reassuring customers and keeping their business or having them begin to look elsewhere for coverage.