You know who your competitors are, and you probably know what makes your company better than your competitors’. Good products aren’t enough, however. Quality customer service improves your customers’ actual experience. They can probably find what they need from a wide range of businesses. Keeping them happy throughout the process of ordering and receiving what they need is the extra step that’s required to coax them to come back to your company instead of trying the competition. A study by Marketing Metrics shows that companies have a 60 to 70 percent chance of selling their services to existing customers, as compared to a 5 to 20 percent chance of selling to new customers. In other words, it’s easier to keep the clients you have than to find new ones. Here are five ways to improve upon the customer service experience and retain repeat business.


Is 9 to 5 enough? This is a good time to evaluate your company’s use of after-hours customer service provisions. If your company is tracking its inbound calls, you will know whether you’re missing out on potential business. Are there daily voice mail messages left by people who need help after your office closes? Inbound call center services can field those calls and provide potential clients with a live person to answer their questions or help with order placement.


A clear speaking voice, solid command of the English language and a polite demeanor are all signs of a professional company. Make sure that the customer service agents and telephone answering services you’re using are well-trained and project a professional image.

Tell Them Why You’re Calling

Customers want companies who respect their privacy and their time. If you use outbound calls to contact your customers, make sure they know why you’re calling them. Whether you’re contacting people to inform them that their order has shipped, or that your company is having a sale, be sure to make it clear up front. This builds valuable trust in your client relationships.

Knowledgeable Answers

Sometimes, people just need a little more information before they’re willing to make a purchase. From availability of product details to an explanation of shipping policies, knowledgeable answers to frequently asked questions is the landmark of excellent customer service. Providing this information to customer service representatives can bridge the knowledge gap.

Provide Attention

Customers like attention. Surveys show that customers who get attention are more likely to use that company again. From the friendly voice that answers the phone to the online chat representative who replies to questions, your company can provide better customer service, enticing people to use your business instead of your competition. Online live chat support, live phone order taking and help desk services are all ways to provide focused attention to your customers.

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