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The customer service representatives at AmeriCall make a great impression on our customers. We shop the CSR's regularly and have not been able to stump them! I'm particularly impressed at how quickly the staff is informed of our product updates and additions. I've overseen mail and phone operations for more than 10 years and can say with confidence that AmeriCall CSR's are the best I've ever encountered.

San Francisco Giants

Dear Dedicated Staff,

Over the last year, StoryCorps has seen an increase in listeners, participants, alumni, and programs. This would have not been possible without the wonderful services provided by all of you at AmeriCall Answering Services. Your patience and care for our participants and the helpful feedback we have received from your trainers and agents was above and beyond our expectations.

At StoryCorps, we understand that listening is an act of love (and patience, care, and attention). We are pleased to have AmeriCall listening and connection to our participants who are making a reservation. We truly appreciate your support and services.

With thanks,

Dave Isay
Founder and President

Thank you, AmeriCall! As our needs have grown, so has your ability to meet them. AmeriCall saves our already overworked staff time and money. A special thank you, for working so hard to tailor your new software to our specific requirements. It works great and saves us a ton of time on order processing. AmeriCall can take the credit for a large part of our success."

KBTC Public Television

Janeen is fantastic and Norma is AWESOME! Very polite and professional with the attendees.

Heather Brodeur
CRG Events


"I just wanted to pass along how nice of an experience it was to be on a support call with Heather. Believe me, at my age, I've been on countless support phone calls and even did a little phone support myself at one time. It wasn't that the issues I was having were resolved, although they were. It was more that Heather's voice and demeanor were just so pleasant."

"Trent went over and above to help me...VERY polite and helpful. Trent should be included as an example whenever customer service training takes place."

"Today I took the liberty to search (Client Name Withheld) online and actually to my great surprise was able to speak to a REAL person who actually listened to my problem, tried everything in her power to troubleshoot and fix the problem, while even talking to her technician on the other line! WOW! I have not seen customer service like this in a very long time...Thank you!"

"I know people complain all the time about lousy customer service...but I would like you to know of a completely different experience I had with your company....As I said, we have all dealt with horrific customer service people and experiences, but your company, and Jessica in particular should be more than commended for their dedication to helping out the customer."

"In a time when any kind of great customer service is non-existent, Tanisha and Barb were absolutely fabulous...When I called in, the phone was answered on the first ring both times. They were both so prompt I thought they had to be a recording. They worked me through my issue and were so VERY nice. I am a (Client Company Name withheld) customer for life now. If I had room for them now, I'd offer them BOTH a job!!!"

"Tanisha Rocks! I just got off the phone with your service provider Tanisha...Tanisha really took it to the next level...She was so sweet throughout the whole process, showing that she really cared about my dilemma. I've worked in customer service for many years and find face to face interactions with people sometimes challenging, forget about the added difficulty with telephone customer service. Tanisha was so patient, cordial, and effective, and that really says something about her interpersonal skills. This type of treatment makes me want to purchase products from your company because I know I'll be taken care of. You should know that she's terrific."

"Jennifer is grade A and should get a dozen roses on her desk"

"Brian was so helpful. He was kind, he was polite. I so appreciated his help."

"It is a rare occurrence to talk to someone as professional and willing to help."

"Great, wonderful, VERY helpful."

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